SmartZero family

The Smart Zero product family

ZeroWatt are developing a series of products for the next generation of sustainable luminaries and streetlights with no need for external power, autonomous functionality and seamlessly integrated with a smart-city cloud.

The system consists of four components;

  • ZeroLED, the luminary
  • ZeroDock, the pole and arm with connectors
  • ZeroBox, the computer and radio links
  • ZeroCloud, the cloud-based publishing, subscription and payment services;

Together forming a complete eco-system that integrates with existing and coming Smart-city infrastructure.

Thanks to the integrated ZeroBox’s computing capacity, the ZeroLED have autonomous capacity and can act on its own in a scenario where all connections and cables are cut, still providing the surroundings with information and services.

On the other hand, under normal conditions the ZeroLED seamlessly integrates with;

  • neighbor ZeroLED pools
  • rescue centers
  • payment and billing systems
  • among others.

All those components together forming a robust ecosystem that also have a high resistance against sabotage and terrorism.

And perhaps the best of all, self-sufficient on power in most areas which significantly lower the energy consumption and is an essential contribution in the transition to a sustainable fossil free world.

A LED luminaire with a camera and a set of integrated sensors that together with the ZeroBox gain a autonomous capacity feasible to act on its own to save energy and higher security.

A street pole and an arm ready to power the ZeroLED and equipped with standard connectors for third-party sensors.

A computer and radio modules in combination with AI (Artificial Intelligence) software making the ZeroLED capable to communication with other ZeroLED poles and the Internet.

A cloud based smart-city network for publishing and subscription of data as well for billing and payments.

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